First Day

Posted: Monday, June 28, 2010 | Posted by edvinn | 0 comments
Started my intern for the first day , things going well.. not perfect I think , but hey , this is life and life is not supposed to be perfect all the way right? So , just gonna get it done and sort it out. :)
At least now we know what are the problems , better than a group of blind sheep banging around.

Im not great but I will do my best.

Next Up:

Dont you love him ? haha!

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Sorry Blogie

Posted: Saturday, June 26, 2010 | Posted by edvinn | 0 comments
Im sorry for leaving you here alone for so long , just don't have the right mood :x
hmm , lil updates , currently going to have my intern @GameInc soon so that means Im no longer a student for the next 14 weeks :(
Cant skip class;
Cant sleep late;
Cant slack slack;
but , I guess Im gonna learn alot in this period , probably its gonna be one of the best lesson I will ever have in my uni life?
Talking about lessons , recently went for a course for xcode @WhiteSpace
here's the pic

The training was great , learned a lot and I appreciate it very much . :) thanks Chris
and also I had this lil present from my fren , its..quite a long time ago , but I like , haha

I think its supposed to absorb radioactive from laptop, quite cute right?lol
And also , I just came back from ktz for supper
Its famous for its " manisan " and " dim sum"
haha! some pics here , quite nice also , can try try

Address: No.22, Jalan ss2/63, Petaling Jaya.

Wish me luck for my coming Monday , first day of work. kan gan jiong. =x

Song of Moment:

"Make me breathe breathe again" - Make Love , Big Bang.
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