1st day of last month in 2010

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Today , 01/12/2010 the 1st day of last month 2010,
Time does flies huh? Here come 2011 in a month time.

2010, things happen so quickly that I couldn't even stop and stare for a second.
Completed internship , accidentally fall into Apple and get stuck for now.

Learning new interest and leaving the once a great dream.Interesting I could say.
Last , life's short and great at the same time.
My motto , cherish and enjoy ,do what I'm feeling right and worth at the same time
Maybe seem stupid for others but I'm just me.

Song for the day , my recent dope.
Fama- Dream Girl

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Went for skyline with nuffnang's free tickets, free popcorns,free coke
Damn nice right , hee?

Ok now comes the interesting part , movie review.

Plot: 1/5.0 ( I don't know whats happening)
Graphic:2.5/5.0 (Thats the better part , a lil better)

Overall rating : 3.5/10.0

All the above is just my personal rating , watch at your own risk.

The so call DAMN thats cool trailer:

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A headset that reads your brainwaves

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I still remember those days when I was small , I used to lie on my lovely bed and being lazy around to enjoy a whole free day. I was so lazy and I start to imagine that it will be so nice if I could just command my TV set to move to my room and play my favourite cartoon or even turn on the air conditioner without me moving a muscle.It was all fantasy that time and soon when I grow, I forgot all this "not logical" thoughts.
Till now when I found out it was possible. Try to look at this.

I can imagine , there will be absolutely no boundaries how this thing going to grow , simple drawing app ? complex robot movement control ? Communication ? This will change our world like what computer do in the past. I can't wait to see.

The website.

The lead of this program.

Nothing is imposible , because we are human.

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Drug urself

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Forget about bongs, mirrors and crack pipes. Kids are getting high using headphones. Certain MP3 music downloads available online supposedly induce a state of ecstasy.

This new practice is called i-Dosing and requires a pair of headphones and something to play music. Proponents of i-Dosing say the ecstatic feeling listeners supposedly feel is caused by the binaural beat effect.

This effect is the result of two slightly different audio waves being heard separately by the left and right ear. The two tones played at slightly different frequencies makes the listener think they are hearing a quick beat.

YouTube is littered with videos that include these audio files, and even more reaction videos of teenagers freaking out after getting an i-Dose.

I was pretty skeptical about the whole idea of getting high with an audio file, so in the name of science and journalism, I decided to give it a try. I didn't pay to download an i-Dose, because there are plenty of videos on YouTube, and I didn't want to fill out an expense report for Discovery News asking for a four dollar reimbursement so I could get high.

Adapted from Discovery

Me : " I tried some of the tracks , and somehow it work partially , freak me out a bit but it was fun .Find me if you want the track. "

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First Day

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Started my intern for the first day , things going well.. not perfect I think , but hey , this is life and life is not supposed to be perfect all the way right? So , just gonna get it done and sort it out. :)
At least now we know what are the problems , better than a group of blind sheep banging around.

Im not great but I will do my best.

Next Up:

Dont you love him ? haha!

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Sorry Blogie

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Im sorry for leaving you here alone for so long , just don't have the right mood :x
hmm , lil updates , currently going to have my intern @GameInc soon so that means Im no longer a student for the next 14 weeks :(
Cant skip class;
Cant sleep late;
Cant slack slack;
but , I guess Im gonna learn alot in this period , probably its gonna be one of the best lesson I will ever have in my uni life?
Talking about lessons , recently went for a course for xcode @WhiteSpace
here's the pic

The training was great , learned a lot and I appreciate it very much . :) thanks Chris
and also I had this lil present from my fren , its..quite a long time ago , but I like , haha

I think its supposed to absorb radioactive from laptop, quite cute right?lol
And also , I just came back from ktz for supper
Its famous for its " manisan " and " dim sum"
haha! some pics here , quite nice also , can try try

Address: No.22, Jalan ss2/63, Petaling Jaya.

Wish me luck for my coming Monday , first day of work. kan gan jiong. =x

Song of Moment:

"Make me breathe breathe again" - Make Love , Big Bang.
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Want to fly like a superman ?

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What is that?

Well these are suits that tranform you into what could be called a human wing, and that allow you to 'fly' from a great height back down to the ground. The idea is simple you get into your wingsuit, get into an aeroplane, fly up to around 20,000 feet and throw yourself out of the door. The wingsuit is not a parachute, it is a suit, sometimes called a birdman suit or a squirrel suit, and it lets you 'fly' back down to the ground at incredible speeds. Excellent stuff if you are into extreme sports. The shape of the suit is such that it creates lift thanks to the fabric sewn between the legs and under the arms.

Flying without wings? not a dream anymore lol.

Links: Price , Details.

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Swipe your credit card with Iphone

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I remember once I had this idea on my mind , swiping your touch n go card in your car with iphone. Now here it is ,something similar with it , amazing right?

Now I wonder , when will this become ubiquitous. Things change a lot since Iphone introduced, they never work as the same way any more.
The company , squareup

Here's the video , enjoy.

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Is there any humanity left in our world ?

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New York, Apr - New York pedestrians ignored a dying man for more than an hour, even though he was continuously crying for help. The man was stabbed when he was trying to save a woman from an attacker, who was attacking her with a knife.

Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was a homeless man, who lived on the streets and he was trying to save someone’s life when he was himself caught in the crossfire. He was stabbed and was in a bad shape and was crying for help, and even though many New York pedestrians stopped to look at him, nobody called the ambulance for him. The footage obtained by the surveillance video clearly shows that many people stopped to look at Hugo, but nobody helped him. One of the passer-bys even took a picture of the dying man on his cell phone. Another pedestrian went over to Hugo and shook him hard, and then walked away. And in the surveillance video, it was also seen that most of the people didn’t even bother to stop and look at the homeless dying man.

Finally the firefighters came to Hugo’s rescue after around 90 minutes, after his stabbing but it was already too late, as by that time he was dead.

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Korean Dream

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*E o e o in the e o e o why why
Leave me alone
e e e e e e e e how is it how is it
I'm going to do it my way

Double 80818 Yo G.D still on beat yo
Kinda shy, a soul man that's me big bang GD one
To all the young people, this world is yours
Put your mother fucking hands up
Rather than getting ruined, a mutual understanding of the leader

One two seven eight turn left to the right burrow shut
Ladies and gentlemen
Crazy guys do whatever you say you know
I'm captain G sparrow
Everybody just follow me now

The difference of flattery and the gene of being envious feel me
My melody lifts your heart, my age is ten three we were young
The mic was my heart's everything, knowing the dream keep it on
Keep running, the earth changed it's territory
I got got you boy tell me about it no doubt
Mother back girl, instead of explaining, showing is a better method

One two seven eight turn left to the right burrow shut
Ladies and gentlemen
I singing you singing
Hiphop and R&B grab on to anything

Dream big even if it's small
Behind me you're contaminated
My voice is lethal fine us
You became thin
On the stage I'm the hero
Can't stop now
Taeyang like shining star
Gdragon raise the roof roof

Like there's something different about us (what to do)
Don't want to do it like other people (like that)
Want to put on wings and fly like and flying

Personally thinks this version damn nice. F*cking nice.
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很好对吗? 但等等,






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Hmm , just want to share some works I had done in Uni
Just something very simple , and some are still in progress..

Here are the screen shots and some brief descriptions.

My first ever flash game in my life , its just a simple dodge game . Dodge the acid and pickup the treasure box.Its done with flash actionscript 2.0 , quite a noob one i guess? lolx.

Also my first 3Ds project I done 1 year back. A simple living room with very simple lighting and very simple texture. Not a very good one >.<

2nd flash game done with reference from websites, its actually not my work alone , team up wif few other friends . Its a tower defense game ,as you can see the game theme is health. haha.


Computer Graphics done with Opengl , one of my favourtie class i had in my uni lol. all was done by code without any help from 3d engine. Its actually a themepark on outer space. There are some animation too.

Direct X , my latest one and Im struggling with it. =.= Its actually a 3D shooting game, Your character was the white sphere moving around there. You can spin your character and move left right up down. Havent finish yet , anyone can help ? haha! direct X - collision detection T.T

Next Project ...going to start on this soon ! hehe ! stay tuned for updates.

Quotes of the day:
He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.

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Iphone user

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I just got my iphone 3gs couple weeks ago and as other user do I also got myself a protection case for protection purpose.It was a speck product.
Ya ya , I know speck was a company that made most of the protection case for Apple product.

It was nice , but well just normally nice.I do drop off my iphone accidentally for a couple of times and it really protect it well . I supposed that's why it make for?

But anyway , one of my friend send me a link earlier about another iphone case which I found out really awesome. Come on man , that was really a boom. I never knew that there was a case that can charge your phone 24/7? although hte product come out at 2008. =.=

I am sure that all iphone user having this problem
if you turn everything on , wifi , 3g , brightness on , it simply kill your phone in less than 8 hours and that really causes a big problem.Your friend cant reach you , your family lost contact with you and what worst is that your girl thought you M.I.A from all of sudden.

I want this case !!

Price: USD 100 (Rm350?)

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Wedding Dress

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I would argue
Then you would cry
As you’re struggling, I would only get stronger
My heartaches behind these shadows
My face brightens up as I see your smile
I worry that you might notice my feelings
And I get scared that the gap between us would widen
I hold my breath
Then I bite my lips
Then I pray that she would leave his side.

Baby, please don’t hold those hands
Cuz you should be my lady
Please look at me, I’ve been waiting all this time.

Once the music ends, you’ll be with him forever
I prayed and prayed that this day wouldn’t come
The wedding dress you once wore
The wedding dress you once wore
The wedding dress you once wore

You, who never understood my feelings
Because of that, I ended up despising you
Then I wished a misfortune upon you
But now, my eyes are dry
I try to talk to you but I realized that I’m alone
Every night, I would look back and think
If I already knew the results
Then I close my eyes
Then I dream an endless dream
Then I pray she would leave his side.

Baby, please don’t hold those hands
Cuz you should be my lady
Please look at me, I’ve been waiting all this time.

Once the music ends, you’ll be with him forever
I prayed and prayed that this day wouldn’t come
The wedding dress you once wore
The wedding dress you once wore
The wedding dress you once wore

By all means, be happy with him
So I can move on
Please erase me out of your heart
Although I tried my best but, no oh~

I’ve been living the lies for too long
Yet, she would look at me and smile.

最近爱上了这首歌,音乐好,歌声好,舞蹈好,mv 有意思,人帅。想着想着,这世界上有多少男人像mv男主角一样,默默爱着别人的女人,戴着面具扮开心,光看 mv 都觉得他内心是多么的难受,无能,无法自拔,问世间情为何物?


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Yes , I am back ? no ?
hahaaa,never mind , just wanted to share something here

see this !

Pretty right ? heheee

see this now


oh ya by the way , here's new snsd mv , enjoy ^^

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J.B - Baby (cover) , Fav for now : )

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Had abandoned you lately
Guess i need to add something to make you live , at least for a while?

Justin Bieber - Baby (cover by Tyler Ward)

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What i did?

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Yea,it's the 1st post in 2010 , haha
hmm , i wonder will it be kinda late to post this ? but well , think I
will just record all the small things in here , the blog.hoho

Well it's winter now , and it's snowing in most of the part
of the western world,but it seems that this year the weather
is getting worse , hundreds of people are dying from the snow storm. :(
Oh , maybe i should just forget all the sad things for a while.

Let's rewind , what i did for the past half month.
For chirstmas eve, went to MOS with housemates.

Accidentally get drunk for the 1st time,seriously :x
I actually slept for 1 hours + in car while they having supper
and i didn't even know. @@
It was a blast afterall , teehee , the 1st entertainment i had right after finals.
My pics still with friends , so just grab some random pics with google.:D

After that , went back to hometown and went to Penang craving for foods.
Wanted to try Tao at 1st , but fully booked.
Changed to Germany food but also end up full-house.@@
So in the end , we tried Bulgarian food.
Yea , Bulgarian , lol.Before this what I know about Bulgarian is Berbatov.
The food was absolute delicious.

refer here for more pics and info , he's the one who fetch me and friends that day ^^

Then , countdown for new year in Rex Box which only available in Taiping
Sing k , drink and meet up some friends who i havent meet for years.
Right after that , attend AGM (annual gambling meeting) at kintaru house.
He is flying to German with chee wei for studies not long after that.
Quite a nice one , although some lose quite some.
Anyway , it's like a kind of gathering for us. :D:D

Good luck and all the best for them who were oversea now.
We all waiting you all back soon. haha!

Spend some times with friends after that,
trained dota , movies , supper , dinner , lunch.Too bad no breakfast(cant wake)
Meet up with one of my friend who was back from korea.
He still the same , same look je :x

Had a haircut too , new look i guess?

Found out an old song too , which i consider very good. haha

Think i shall end this here , and again
bye bye 2009 , hihi 2010 . xD
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