1st day of last month in 2010

Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 | Posted by edvinn | 0 comments
Today , 01/12/2010 the 1st day of last month 2010,
Time does flies huh? Here come 2011 in a month time.

2010, things happen so quickly that I couldn't even stop and stare for a second.
Completed internship , accidentally fall into Apple and get stuck for now.

Learning new interest and leaving the once a great dream.Interesting I could say.
Last , life's short and great at the same time.
My motto , cherish and enjoy ,do what I'm feeling right and worth at the same time
Maybe seem stupid for others but I'm just me.

Song for the day , my recent dope.
Fama- Dream Girl

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Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2010 | Posted by edvinn | 0 comments
Went for skyline with nuffnang's free tickets, free popcorns,free coke
Damn nice right , hee?

Ok now comes the interesting part , movie review.

Plot: 1/5.0 ( I don't know whats happening)
Graphic:2.5/5.0 (Thats the better part , a lil better)

Overall rating : 3.5/10.0

All the above is just my personal rating , watch at your own risk.

The so call DAMN thats cool trailer:

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