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Skybar , Taiping

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Went to Skybar , Flemington Hotel last week
It was a new build hotel which was consider one of the best in Taiping
and what important is , there is a so call sky bar on the rooftop
The air was simply nice at night
The temperature was just perfect

A new place for youngster to hang out i guess
Located just in front of Taiping Lake

Here's the pics : )

The view from skybar

kena taken in lift X_X

The " Gang "

All the photo credits goes to Simon Ng
A great photographer ;)

Thats all for the short update , holidays going to end soon
and here i come singapore ! wuuhu
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Celebrations !

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The final ends
Here comes the holidays

Went to Pavilion , watched Surrogates and do some windows shopping rofl
Actually thought that phy will buy some lacoste or fred perry, but end up nothing.
: x
nvm , whats important is the fun right? hoho

In the Pavillion

After movie , dam my face was big =x

Night outings
again , bar-celona ==
plan for poppy but due to some reason change back bar-celona
haha, hmm.. lack of fun at that night
the crowd was not big enough , aihss

Me and Phy

The Gang

blurry pic , aha

Holidays plan:
1.)Hat yai
2.)Singapore Asia Pacific Awards ( if i win >_<)

Woho , happy holidays to all MMU-ian
Don't drink too much
Don't shop too much
Don't party too much
Don't burn too much money


Song of the week :)
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Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience

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What is the first thing come across your mind when we mention about Singapore?
Cuisine? Places? Shopping? Scenery? Amazing sky scrapper? Clean Environment? and so so on ...

Well, honestly I had heard tonnes of interesting things about Singapore. Food, shopping, entertainment, culture, famous places, arghh.. it's just too much to mention. Singapore is definitely one of the best place to go for holidays! ( im in sem break now) hahaha!

hmm... the last time i went to Singapore was like 7~8 years ago. I still remembered that time, visiting various places in Singapore, Merlion Park was one of it. It was a great great trip that time, but that was quite a long time ago.By now, definitely it is far more interesting and amazing!

There are alots of ideal place i would really like to visit if I am given the chance to visit Singapore on 23rd of October for the First Asia Pacific Blog Awards by Nuffnang.

This is my one day itinerary plan.

What to do when arrive at Singapore early in the morning??
For Sure , breakfast lah! xD
I would like to have my breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast which is located at Parkway Parade. It is always the most favourite breakfast for the Singaporean. :D

After Breakfast , next one Merlion Park.
Merlion Park was definitely one of the most famous popular tourist attraction in Singapore.The Merlion in Merlion Park near the Singapore CBD is the well-known tourist icon of Singapore.Pictures is a must for a trip to there.Heh

After taking photos and sightseeing at Merlion Park, shopping is next ^^
Vivo City is most probably the best shopping heaven for all those shopaholic !!
Interior design by internationally acclaimed Japanese architect Toyo Ito, a shopping mall full with artworks, modern, entertainment. what else you could expect more?

After a few hour shopping , a visit to Singapore Art Museum is also a great choice.
Singapore Art Museum is not an ordinary museum which only displaying old architect.
The museum was one of the first art museums with international standard museum facilities.I am sure I would be amaze there. xD

After a whole day walk in Singapore. A spa/massage is just perfect for anyone.
Relaxing for muscle tension after shopping and visiting various places in Singapore.^^
Aviva Spa was one of the best spa in Singapore.It is nestled next to the Pasir Ris Nature Park.

Next, a walk in little india would be just perfect.
I would have the chance to taste the local cuisine and feel the local india culture in Singapore.With all the music ,colourful fabric, aroma of its delectable cuisine and more..

Last Destination for the day, CHJIMES(pronounce as CHIMES).
Chjimes was an old church which has transformed into a music and dining spot. It has lush green lawns and clubs in a white old colonial building.The wine was great as well. As people say, the crowd at there was simply amazing, especially at night after 10pm. A must, if I got the chance to pay a visit to Singapore.

Now, this is my plan for my 1 day experience in Singapore.Wait me , Singapore!
: p

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience
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Birthday bash!!

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It was a hectic week, final exam is killing me slowly
3 subs continuous , thursday , friday , saturday
Man !! @_@

Lucky i am having a short break right after that
Celebrated Genie's birthday at bar celona
That was fun , i guess? heh
Well , at first the music was all the way techno
Dj Joey-G wa .. hmm
no offence , but seriously i don't found that was interesting @_@
Lucky they change back to those "normal" hits after that

Drinks , Dance , Girls , sexy , fugly , handsome , nerd ?
haha , i think that's what i can describe whats happening inside there , lol

The birthday girl

Inside bar-celona

Lastly , me kissing a patung through glasses =.=

Went too snowflakes too
the desert was nice , can give a try for those desert hunter
located right infront Asia Cafe ss15
same row with starbucks

The desert:

Thats all for the short updates
man i should start the Singapore Post
im juz dam lazy , FML.

Found a nice old Mv too , quite meaningful i think?heh
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It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

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It's the first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Awards!!
It's the first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Awards!!
It's the first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Awards!!
It's the first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Awards!!

YES! the first ever , after 2 years of of community blogging, is proudly
present the FIRST EVER ASIA PACIFIC blog Awards!!

On 23rd of october 2009 , it's gonna rock hard it Singapore!

It's gonna be a "Krrunch Krrunch" awards ever!
There would be magic shows , most famous people over the region ,
music , dinner and so so on ..... is giving out 125 pairs of invitation for the Awards through a Krrunch
contest. So let's start my work for the contest , shall we ? hehe

Enjoy your day with pringles!!
p/s:pictures are too small , click to enlarge ><
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