What i did?

Posted: Friday, January 8, 2010 | Posted by edvinn |
Yea,it's the 1st post in 2010 , haha
hmm , i wonder will it be kinda late to post this ? but well , think I
will just record all the small things in here , the blog.hoho

Well it's winter now , and it's snowing in most of the part
of the western world,but it seems that this year the weather
is getting worse , hundreds of people are dying from the snow storm. :(
Oh , maybe i should just forget all the sad things for a while.

Let's rewind , what i did for the past half month.
For chirstmas eve, went to MOS with housemates.

Accidentally get drunk for the 1st time,seriously :x
I actually slept for 1 hours + in car while they having supper
and i didn't even know. @@
It was a blast afterall , teehee , the 1st entertainment i had right after finals.
My pics still with friends , so just grab some random pics with google.:D

After that , went back to hometown and went to Penang craving for foods.
Wanted to try Tao at 1st , but fully booked.
Changed to Germany food but also end up full-house.@@
So in the end , we tried Bulgarian food.
Yea , Bulgarian , lol.Before this what I know about Bulgarian is Berbatov.
The food was absolute delicious.

refer here for more pics and info , he's the one who fetch me and friends that day ^^

Then , countdown for new year in Rex Box which only available in Taiping
Sing k , drink and meet up some friends who i havent meet for years.
Right after that , attend AGM (annual gambling meeting) at kintaru house.
He is flying to German with chee wei for studies not long after that.
Quite a nice one , although some lose quite some.
Anyway , it's like a kind of gathering for us. :D:D

Good luck and all the best for them who were oversea now.
We all waiting you all back soon. haha!

Spend some times with friends after that,
trained dota , movies , supper , dinner , lunch.Too bad no breakfast(cant wake)
Meet up with one of my friend who was back from korea.
He still the same , same look je :x

Had a haircut too , new look i guess?

Found out an old song too , which i consider very good. haha

Think i shall end this here , and again
bye bye 2009 , hihi 2010 . xD


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