Want to fly like a superman ?

Posted: Sunday, May 2, 2010 | Posted by edvinn |

What is that?

Well these are suits that tranform you into what could be called a human wing, and that allow you to 'fly' from a great height back down to the ground. The idea is simple you get into your wingsuit, get into an aeroplane, fly up to around 20,000 feet and throw yourself out of the door. The wingsuit is not a parachute, it is a suit, sometimes called a birdman suit or a squirrel suit, and it lets you 'fly' back down to the ground at incredible speeds. Excellent stuff if you are into extreme sports. The shape of the suit is such that it creates lift thanks to the fabric sewn between the legs and under the arms.

Flying without wings? not a dream anymore lol.

Links: Price , Details.


  1. kenwooi said...
  2. lol so cool! really like superman! =D

  3. edvinn said...
  4. yea , got chance I really wanna watch it live , imagine if a boy throw a stone , they would like banging nuclear ? ROFL

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