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Posted: Saturday, July 24, 2010 | Posted by edvinn |

Forget about bongs, mirrors and crack pipes. Kids are getting high using headphones. Certain MP3 music downloads available online supposedly induce a state of ecstasy.

This new practice is called i-Dosing and requires a pair of headphones and something to play music. Proponents of i-Dosing say the ecstatic feeling listeners supposedly feel is caused by the binaural beat effect.

This effect is the result of two slightly different audio waves being heard separately by the left and right ear. The two tones played at slightly different frequencies makes the listener think they are hearing a quick beat.

YouTube is littered with videos that include these audio files, and even more reaction videos of teenagers freaking out after getting an i-Dose.

I was pretty skeptical about the whole idea of getting high with an audio file, so in the name of science and journalism, I decided to give it a try. I didn't pay to download an i-Dose, because there are plenty of videos on YouTube, and I didn't want to fill out an expense report for Discovery News asking for a four dollar reimbursement so I could get high.

Adapted from Discovery

Me : " I tried some of the tracks , and somehow it work partially , freak me out a bit but it was fun .Find me if you want the track. "


  1. ken said...
  2. interesting.. but some songs are really addictive =P

  3. SChinTXIV said...
  4. I WANT

  5. edvinn said...
  6. its like some kind of wave , not exactly a song , quite freaky wave signal make u feel "weird"
    send u later chindroid

  7. SChinTXIV said...
  8. =.=" i'm not chindroid, edriod

  9. edvinn said...
  10. typo la , chindroid

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