Malacca , = )

Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
Went to Malacca last friday
visited some of my old friends =D
havent meet them for like , hmm 1 year?

It was a great great trip
Food , Entertainment and window shopping of course

Everything seems didnt change much
except for some new building
new shopping mall ..
the people was still the same
hrmmmm.. maybe just a lil little bit changes

aa , just cut off the crap and see some pictures

The so call "famous" ixora:

Lunch ! I ate 2 1/2 plate rice =.=

The Red house:

Took this in Dataran Pahlawan , wee

Dinner Time!

My food ( Pork Chop with mushroom )



Eye on Malaysia ( kinda blur =x)

Sing K at gogo

Kee Performing :

After the sing k session , had our supper at Kota Laksamana
Dim Sum! xD
but an Accident happened
the lamp at the top fall down , LMAO
lucky we are not under it

Reach cyber at 4.30am
Tired but Fun , :D
See u next time , malacca and all my buddies

Song Of the Day: Kiss the Rain


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