Martial Art

Posted: Saturday, September 5, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
What's martial art?..hmm ?

self defence ?


body building?

showing off ? xD

For me , martial art is all the above

hehe! hmm .. let's recall

i learn martial art since .. i'm 8 i think

Parents say that boy must be strong to protect your love one wa.. haha

This semester , i'm taking taekwondo as my cocu sub

Having a test today , went through quite nice i think :D

went to shah alam studio and kick some arse there , lol

Unfortunately , i accidentally injured soon's leg + hand ><

Soon , im sorry, dun hate me =(

Some pictures


The board Phy and me punch-ed


In Da Gym

Group Pics

Have a good day =) cheers

p/s: photo taken with my sucky phone-cam , grr..


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