Birthday bash!!

Posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
It was a hectic week, final exam is killing me slowly
3 subs continuous , thursday , friday , saturday
Man !! @_@

Lucky i am having a short break right after that
Celebrated Genie's birthday at bar celona
That was fun , i guess? heh
Well , at first the music was all the way techno
Dj Joey-G wa .. hmm
no offence , but seriously i don't found that was interesting @_@
Lucky they change back to those "normal" hits after that

Drinks , Dance , Girls , sexy , fugly , handsome , nerd ?
haha , i think that's what i can describe whats happening inside there , lol

The birthday girl

Inside bar-celona

Lastly , me kissing a patung through glasses =.=

Went too snowflakes too
the desert was nice , can give a try for those desert hunter
located right infront Asia Cafe ss15
same row with starbucks

The desert:

Thats all for the short updates
man i should start the Singapore Post
im juz dam lazy , FML.

Found a nice old Mv too , quite meaningful i think?heh


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