Celebrations !

Posted: Sunday, October 11, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
The final ends
Here comes the holidays

Went to Pavilion , watched Surrogates and do some windows shopping rofl
Actually thought that phy will buy some lacoste or fred perry, but end up nothing.
: x
nvm , whats important is the fun right? hoho

In the Pavillion

After movie , dam my face was big =x

Night outings
again , bar-celona ==
plan for poppy but due to some reason change back bar-celona
haha, hmm.. lack of fun at that night
the crowd was not big enough , aihss

Me and Phy

The Gang

blurry pic , aha

Holidays plan:
1.)Hat yai
2.)Singapore Asia Pacific Awards ( if i win >_<)

Woho , happy holidays to all MMU-ian
Don't drink too much
Don't shop too much
Don't party too much
Don't burn too much money


Song of the week :)


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