Thailand again

Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
Hoho , what's about Thailand this time ? What's the 1st impression you guys think when people mention Thailand? Transsexual ? Booming ? Politics? or maybe some will think of rice instead? hehe!but all the above is not related for what I am going to talk about Thailand. Can you all give a guess? just try la ! lol
ok ok , i know it's lame for talking to dunno who in a blog post =.=
This is what I am going to talk: Thailand's University : )

The dresscode. ( Yes , they have dress code and it's a must)

All the uni's students.

See it at the bottom.

Would it be nice if Malaysia launch this ? I thinks the female would agree also gua .. hmm....
Tell me your ideas on the cbox. :P


p/s:I hope this post satisfy those who voted babe on my poll ; D


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