Is there any humanity left in our world ?

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2010 | Posted by edvinn |

New York, Apr - New York pedestrians ignored a dying man for more than an hour, even though he was continuously crying for help. The man was stabbed when he was trying to save a woman from an attacker, who was attacking her with a knife.

Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was a homeless man, who lived on the streets and he was trying to save someone’s life when he was himself caught in the crossfire. He was stabbed and was in a bad shape and was crying for help, and even though many New York pedestrians stopped to look at him, nobody called the ambulance for him. The footage obtained by the surveillance video clearly shows that many people stopped to look at Hugo, but nobody helped him. One of the passer-bys even took a picture of the dying man on his cell phone. Another pedestrian went over to Hugo and shook him hard, and then walked away. And in the surveillance video, it was also seen that most of the people didn’t even bother to stop and look at the homeless dying man.

Finally the firefighters came to Hugo’s rescue after around 90 minutes, after his stabbing but it was already too late, as by that time he was dead.


  1. Victor Tan said...
  2. interested with humanity? Try seeing the real world by looking at my current latest post (Champagne Glass Distribution).

  3. kenwooi said...
  4. i think it's because he's homeless, many people assumed he was just faking it.. =/

  5. edvinn said...
  6. -victor Tan
    your post was informative !

    yeah , but the report said he was screaming for help and it's in NY- the city that never sleep. One word to describe, sigh.

  7. mei kuen said...
  8. biasalah feel so sad with all these cases d.. all i can say is HAIZ.......!!!!!!!

  9. edvinn said...
  10. this one too geng la , in NY somemore , die on street =_=

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