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Hmm , just want to share some works I had done in Uni
Just something very simple , and some are still in progress..

Here are the screen shots and some brief descriptions.

My first ever flash game in my life , its just a simple dodge game . Dodge the acid and pickup the treasure box.Its done with flash actionscript 2.0 , quite a noob one i guess? lolx.

Also my first 3Ds project I done 1 year back. A simple living room with very simple lighting and very simple texture. Not a very good one >.<

2nd flash game done with reference from websites, its actually not my work alone , team up wif few other friends . Its a tower defense game ,as you can see the game theme is health. haha.


Computer Graphics done with Opengl , one of my favourtie class i had in my uni lol. all was done by code without any help from 3d engine. Its actually a themepark on outer space. There are some animation too.

Direct X , my latest one and Im struggling with it. =.= Its actually a 3D shooting game, Your character was the white sphere moving around there. You can spin your character and move left right up down. Havent finish yet , anyone can help ? haha! direct X - collision detection T.T

Next Project ...going to start on this soon ! hehe ! stay tuned for updates.

Quotes of the day:
He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.


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