I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

Posted: Saturday, August 15, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
Today , the day was dull
The phone didnt vibrate
The msn didnt nudge..
The ym didnt call...
and i losing straight in dota ~.~

all was so boring....
everything was normal.. normal and normal
man i hate normal !

but all this change from the moment i click www.nuffnang.com.my
The Final Destination is coming soon
so i was ??
wooT okay ...
was abit excited , nice movie !

there is a trailer too ,
so after i watched the trailer ...
oh my god..
i m stunned horrified!

issit horror after all ?
woot ?
no idea , lets check it out soon ..
The Final Destination
Are you the chosen one ? lol

The Trailer:
coming soon september 2009 ..


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