Juice 7th anniversary - Euphoria Mos

Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |

Last friday ,me and my few frens attended the
Juice 7th anniversary at Euphoria-Mos
It was free entrance,teheee
Thanks to rika who inform me this :D

overall that event was good i think ,
alot funky funky style people and bright bright shirt :D
okok !
Let's cut off the talk and lets see the pics , xp
* Pics are from zues since he's the photographer *

i love juice ? woho

See the words @.@

The Fashion Show

The MC

One of the contestant for some events ,nice body , lol


Laz pic we took in Sunway Pyramid be4 taking off bak to cyber

See OBC face , is he having ..... ? @.@


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