Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
Going back home today hoho!
going to have a few hours drive later , sigh
hmmm... oh well ,just finish packing up all my stuffs and so on..
and i cant believe i actually have so much of clothes @_@

By the way , lets share some pics for what i have in my room
* i know its quite 38 * :p

Boxing Glove

Razer D.A

One of my fren bought this while in Combodia o.0

Sonic Gear A6

Swmming Google

Converse :D , one of my fav

Little strong guy , haha!

Bodyspray which i share with my ex roomate ages ago , lolx

Books xD

My so call " tabung syiling" ;D

Last but not least , of coz u can find me in my room

wakaka , thats all for this time
nidda start the engine and roll out


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