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love ?
what is the best definition of love?

some says it's attachment
some says it's responsibility
some says it's caring
some says it's a passion
some says it's trap
some says it's a business
some says it's a chemical
some says ..
some says ...
some says ....

but i'm sure some of you outside there have
millions ,billions ,trillions of feelings for love that cant be describe in words
some says
that "thing" , just occur
without any reason
without any warning
without any ...things ?

Many of you would have think you fallen in love
but , is it ?
or it's just an abstraction ?
it's just because we all afraid to be alone
it's just because we just simply need someone to care for us ?

i don't know
but what i'm sure is
once you loved with your heart
it's impossible to get rid of it
even though maybe you had found another
one who is special for you
the one once you loved would just hide
inside the corner in your heart
appear in your mind out of sudden
you try so hard to fight back your emotion
you try so hard to take the step
you try so hard to move

Enjoy the video-

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."


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