People that can't grow old ?

Posted: Sunday, August 30, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
Suddenly realised that this month

there were two movies that were talking about

a " can't grow up " kid story

- One is " Orphan "

im sure most of you know this

- One more is " Murderer "


does this symptom really exist in the real world ?

Most of us are wondering ..

but i do found out that there is one girl in china

really do not grow old .. i guess @.@

her name is "楊蘋"

This the pic

She is 22 years old and she look like a 8 years old little girl

Her sound didn't change

Her face didn't change

and obviously her body still remain as 8 years old

amazing ? @@

i wonder

is there anyone in this world stop growing old when they reach 18 ?

That would be the dream for everyone in this world right ? , haha!

The video of her trying to find a husband : x


  1. xxoXX said...
  2. wow the little gal is kawaii neh

  3. edvinn said...
  4. xD

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