So You think You are ready for future ?

Posted: Monday, August 10, 2009 | Posted by edvinn |
Found a clip on my fren's blog today

We always prepare ourselves for future
we plan
we study
we work
we get our degree
and so so on ..
Have you ever imagine how fast the world is changing ?
faster than you can ever imagine

It takes radio 38 years to gain 50 millions audience
It takes tv 13 years to gain 50 millions viewer
It takes internet 4 years to gain 50 millions user
It takes ipod 3 years to have 50 millions customers

unbelievable ? better start to believe it ...
Human being ,
an incredible species
we learn fast
we evolve according to our environment
some says that
we even can change our own gen without any tech helps
for example the so call "indigo children"
although there are alot arguements going on with this
but believe or not ? judge yourself


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